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Companies, Startups, Fintechs and Developers in Uganda are creating amazing products everyday! We want to let you in on all the great things that are made for you with love

The Core Concept

Where does Apponji fit into the bigger picture?

  • Individuals

    Stick around as Apponji helps you find the next app, website and tech service that was made with you in mind - only to make your life better.

  • Companies

    Leverage the power of Apponji to find the next software product that will push your business to the top! The power of technology gives you a leading edge in the race!

  • Developers

    Share your brilliant products with the world! Let Uganda know what great innovation you have made to make their lives easier, as well as what your company has under its sleeve


Our reviews are 100% authentic.

None of the vendors reviewed by Apponji have vouched, paid or promoted for their software. Everything here comes from Apponji and experienced product users directly to you.

And that's our promise!


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